Day 23 Challenge

It has been done.
I don’t know how to begin.
Just maybe…
Day 23- Some things you crave for a lot.
photo courtesy of
Aren’t they to-die for?
I am not a sweets person
but I will definitely dig these
in as soon as I get my
hands on them.
photo courtesy of
Pancakes are <3.
I’ve been playing
this Papa’s Pancakeria
so I fell in love with pancakes.
Pancakes are best with
whipped cream and Hershey’s
chocolate syrup on it.
photo courtesy of
Anything potatoes!
I am a potato lover
and I could spend the rest of
my life munching on
I don’t really care if it’s 
steamed, sauteed, fried or etc.
photo courtesy of
Foodie much?!
Yes sir!
Thanks to my 
fast metabolism,
(plus vacation)
I can eat whatever I want
to anytime.
Enjoy life dearests!
Go eat!
Just don’t forget to drink 
lots of water. 

Queen Sica

This queen doesn't need a king.

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