Outfit of the Week: Queen B – as in Beautiful

Let me apologize for having missed Outfit of the Week post last week. I’ve been busy with so many things, including the recent New York Fashion Week and now I have all the time in the world to share with you another outfit inspiration. Last Sunday, I started re-watching my favorite TV series in the whole wide world, which is Gossip Girl. Truth be told, Blair Waldorf – who was played by the beautiful Leighton Meester – has the most coveted closet any girl would want to have. Her dresses are just too adorable to look at. With that, I went through Net-A-Porter and found these really amazing pieces that might entice you the next time you want to shop for new clothes.


Since B is the epitome of elegance on GG, this Macey embroidered duchesse-satin dress ($5,695) from Erdem will definitely bring that ultra-femininity in you. This full-skirted piece is made from an eco-friendly fabric and hand-finished with approved lace for a 100% comfort. OK, I just had to squeeze that in because I like it when the products I came across are environment-friendly. To exude a bit of sexiness, I suggest you slip into Saint Laurent’s red leather pumps ($645) that also brighten up the dress.


Queen B is also fond of one-of-a-kind accessories that not everyone can pull off. These gold-tone resin clip earrings($360) designed by Marni should turn heads as you flick your hair like you’re in a shampoo commercial or something. Talk about getting the attention effortlessly! Enough jewelry is key to having all eyes on you throughout the event so Lanvin’s floral crystal ring ($1,290) is the perfect sparkle to complete the outfit. Oh yeah, a queen doesn’t leave the castle without at least a handbag so be sure to carry Fabricca leather clutch ($1,125) crafted by M2Malletier for a more fantabulous look.


Whether it’s a cocktail party or just a romantic dinner with ‘him’, I’m pretty sure you’re going to stand out as long as you know how to carry yourself with so much grace. A piece of advice: you need not to act like someone else just to impress people. Being yourself will do.


Which party would you want to wear this to? Sound off below, dearies!

Photos from Net-A-Porter


Queen Sica

This queen doesn't need a king.

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