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Wow! I can’t believe it’s more than a year since I met the wonderful team of Angela & Roi. For those of you who have no idea who and what A&R is, let me give you a quick run-through of its story.

Angela & Roi is an online brand that offers a wide range of classy bags to suit your personal style and – wait for it – helps different non-profit organizations through its colorful bags. I don’t know about you but I see their fantabulous creations being carried by style bloggers from all over the world. Try Googling “Angela & Roi fashion bloggers” and see what I’m talking about.

Anyway, the brand recently launched its new range of bags for the Fall/Winter collection. Check them below:

If you’re a fan of minimally-designed accessories, then you may fall for the Minimal Bucket Bag. Aside from its super simple look, this bucket-shaped shoulder bag – which comes at $110 –  is also made of soft vegan leather. Now, talk about being friendly to the environment and animals!

Minimal Orange-brown Bucket Bag, Angela & Roi
Orange-brown | Cause: Kidney Disease
Minimal Navy Bucket Bag, Angela & Roi
Navy | Cause: Colon Cancer
Minimal Mud-gray Bucket Bag, Angela & Roi
Mud-gray | Cause: Diabetes
Minimal Ivory Bucket Bag, Angela & Roi
Ivory | Cause: Lung Cancer

The surprise doesn’t end there! Among the new A&R bags is the Moa Tote, a sophisticated bag made with high quality vegan leather that’s perfect for ladies who are after elegance. Compared to the Minimal Bucket Bag, this particular tote is slightly smaller and pricier (each bag costs $165) because of the materials used. But just like the other A&R bags, it’s environment and animal-friendly, too!

Moa Wine Two-tone Tote, Angela & Roi
Wine Two-tone | Cause: AIDS
Moa Mud-gray Tote, Angela & Roi
Mud-gray | Cause: Diabetes
Moa White Tote, Angela & Roi
White | Cause: Lung Cancer
Moa Black Tote, Angela & Roi
Black | Cause: Melanoma

“For these new handbags, we’ve focused on our core mission to support cancer and disease fighters and to ethically make them with animal-friendly materials,” co-founder Angela Lee said in an email.

Along with the unveiling of its new products is the presentation of Angela & Roi’s improved website. It’s full of minimalism with a touch of luxury with every browse of its covetable bags. You may scan its array of items here.

Don’t forget to be friends with Angela & Roi on Facebook, Twitter, and Twitter!

Have a fantabulous day, dearies!

Photos from Angela & Roi

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