The Change Planner 2016

‘Tis the season to be jolly…fa la la la la la la la la! As we continue to delve into the Christmas spirit, let me share with you one of the many lessons life taught me over the past few years: happiness comes from within. Surely, fancy stuff such as makeup, shoes, and books can definitely put a smile on my face for a period of time but nothing beats being happy just because.

This Journal Will Actually Change Someone's Life, The Change Planner 2016

Material things aren’t really on top of my priority list this year in 2016, and all I’m asking for are things that can’t be bought by money. I believe that in this way, I can achieve long-term happiness without being dependent on temporary happiness those “wants” can give. This is why I can’t stop gushing about This Journal Will Actually Change Someone’s Life 2016 planner a.k.a. The Change Planner. You may ask, “Anong connect nito?” Well, for 12 months now, I’m using the The Change Planner 2015 which made a huge impact on my life. In fact, it changed how I perceive things by turning (although not everything!) negative thoughts into positive ones.

Last week, FreeSpeech Publications launched the The Change Planner 2016. What sets this unique planner from others is that, it really changes lives. How?

Proceeds from the sales of this planner go towards the education initiatives of Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc.

This year’s beneficiary is “a very special young woman named Evelyn Angkasan.” A twenty year old from the Mangyan tribes in Occidental Mindoro, she dreams of becoming an educator someday. See? This planner comes with a cause. Nakaka-inspire kasi not all publications have this in mind when they produce planners/organizers.

Anyway, shall we take a quick tour of the new look of The Change Planner 2016? Who knows? Baka this is your next BFF planner for your busy schedule next year, ‘di ba? 🙂

The Change Planner 2016

Just like the old The Change Planners, it has informative monthly pages like this one. I can’t wait to celebrate “I Want You To Be Happy Day”, “World Prayer Day”, “International Day of Happiness”, and my birthday. Hulaan nyo kung kailan! 🙂

The Change Planner 2016

Each page is more spacious despite the cute little extras such as Mood Charts, Happiness Meters, and Expense Charts. Syempre, there are fun facts on the pages para every day, you learn something new.

The Change Planner 2016

See? 2016 is all about happiness. 🙂

The Change Planner 2016

And…coupons are here to stay! Sana I can give the Movie Night Pass na to someone special. Hihi. <3

The Change Planner 2016

Then there are pages solely for your happiness check-up. You get to rate your happiness for the past month and it’s up to you how you can stay happy through an Action Plan. Remember, happiness comes from within. 🙂

The Change Planner 2016

The Change Planner 2016 is available for Php750 at Fully Booked, Powerbooks, and select National Bookstore branches. For a hassle-free experience, you can also get it at You can choose from the two designs – but I suggest you get the black one.

This is a nice way to start your journey to a happier 2016! Or you can give it as a present to your friends. They will definitely love it!

Photos are from FreeSpeech Publications

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