Pwede Mag #Dadventures with J&J’s New Lotion

Rough play can be tough to look at especially if you’re a mom. To us, dads, it’s our simple way of bonding with our little kiddos; and a way to toughen them up a bit. In fact, experts even say that playing roughly – in moderation – can indeed be beneficial to kids. I sometimes play roughly with my 2 boys, Piero and Matteo. We tumble and wrestle; and getting lightly scarred and scratched sometimes happen.

That’s me and my eldest, Piero!

Last Monday, I – representing Queen Sica, was invited to attend Johnson’s #Dadventures Camp at Dusit Thani Manila. I never attend events other than tech, digital and cars, and I thought that the experience I had last Monday was one for the books. It was also the first event I attended with my 2 kids and Resa. Just like any other camps, the event was an opportunity for kids and parents to bond and learn from “teachers” albeit the lack of green and forest ambiance.

Hosted by siblings Bettina and Clinton Carlos, the camp was a learning experience for kids and parents. Leading local experts also graced the event to share their studies about the benefits of rough play, and how Johnson’s latest bath and lotion can help the kids develop and maintain a beautiful and strong skin.

Development Psychologist Perlita de Leon, said that studies encourage rough play because of its role in toughening the child’s physical, social and cognitive development. She also added that depriving the child with “NOs” to rough play and adventure can do more harm than good. Adventurous environment and activities lead to new friendships and discoveries and boost self-confidence.

More so, dermatologist, Dr.Loverna Arcilla Suratos, MD, FPDS, added that “The skin is your first layer of defense against environmental irritants. Young skin – even up to age 7 – is still developing. In fact, a child’s skin is 30% thinner than an adult’s and therefore still weak and prone to irritation, scrapes, and scratches. By keeping your little one’s skin nourished, you can help it become stronger, more elastic, and more resilient to scrapes and scratches.”

This is where Johnson’s Milk+Rice and Milk+Oats come into play. The former is fortified with 200% more skin vitamins and Johnson’s Milk+Oats locks in moisture for up to 24 hours so that the skin feels strong and healthy after just one use. She ended her talk by encouraging moms to be fearless when it comes to allowing rough play and to say “PWEDE!” to #Dadventures with the help of JOHNSON’S Milk+Rice and Milk+Oats.

I didn’t realize how skin care is important to my kids while playing rough until I heard Dr.Suratos’ talk. All the more my interest lit up when Johnson’s revealed their latest family endorsers, Dingdong, Marian and Zia Dantes. It’s their first endorsement as a family, and it’s one good reason to believe that Johnson’s products work. They wouldn’t want to put their kid’s skin in danger, so they chose to trust the brand they have been always using.




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