Review: Etude House’s Color My Brows in Natural Brown

Etude House, Color My Brows

I can’t even remember the last time I went out without actually putting eyebrow mascara on. #KilayIsLife and it will always be necessary for me to “draw the line” if you know what I mean (hehe).

These days, almost all brands offer eyebrow mascara a.k.a. browcara and I think that’s amazing because there’s plenty of items to choose from. Despite the plethora of browcaras available in the market – be it online or in the nearest drugstore, having the perfect set of eyebrows can boost one’s mood for the day or week or month.

Etude House, Color My Brows

If you’ve been following my blog for the past years, you’d notice how big of an Etude House fan I am. Even before this Korean beauty craze became a thing, I was already religiously following EH, and I’m still head over heels this brand. Perhaps I can share my favorite items from EH, soon? Anyway, I’m here to talk about its Color My Brows eyebrow mascara in shade #4 Natural Brown.

Although I’m used to giving my brows a darker look, I got excited upon seeing how this tone suits my hair color especially now that I have light brown strands. Before I forget, I bought this at Althea KR – my go-to online shop for all things Korean – for Php 240 (original price comes at Php 360).

Etude House, Color My Brows

Moving on, I like how creamy yet not sticky the consistency of this eyebrow mascara is. A little dip in its tube can go a long way so I can just swipe it along my brows even without wasting so much. As for the brush, I’m happy that the bristles are thick enough to cover the teeny-tiny hair strands of my brows. Yeah, I am nothing without my “defined” brows.

Etude House, Color My Brows

The shade lives up to its name – Natural Brown – as it looks like you’re not wearing any eye brow mascara at all. It’s perfect if you want an I’m-wearing-makeup-but-I-look-like-I-don’t look. This beauty also doesn’t smudge easily so you will need oil-based makeup remover to completely clean your brows. (Never go to sleep without washing your face!)

Can I recommend it? Definitely!

The photos were captured by OPPO A39. For more information on this sleek smartphone, you can read about a short write-up here. By the way, this is available at OPPO stores for only Php 9,990.

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