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There’s so much to do, but here I am, trying to de-stress with a blog post. I haven’t been into anything lately, but yeah, I think I could still survive the upcoming week. If you’re up for some nonsense of my current whatnots, then go ahead and scroll down.

Reading – random books from my shelf. I still have to finish Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl, though.

Writing – some poetry? I’m trying to challenge myself every now and then to come up with poems that express my inner feelings.

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Watching – re-runs of FRIENDS! I can’t help but fall in love with Joey a.k.a. Big Daddy Tribbiani. How can you not love such a sweetiepie like him? I mean, he’s not supposed to be with Rachel Green, but DUH, I got butterflies in my stomach when they started dating. I just wanted him to have a happy ending!

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Listening – to R. Kelly’s Ignition! This will always be my jam – in the car, in the shower, etc.

OPPO F3 Red Edition
Photo from OPPO Philippines

Thinking – about OPPO’s F3 Red Edition Selfie Expert. I want a smartphone that’s different but can still keep up with my system preferences such as 4GB RAM, 64GB internal memory, and a pretty good camera for endless selfies! Now, who was able to get the F3 Red Edition Selfie Expert?

Smelling – my new perfume – Prada Milano. It smells really nice!

Wishing – for someone to give me an OPPO F3 Red Edition Selfie Expert. Need I say more?

Hoping – that someone can answer my prayer so that I could take more selfies. Hehe.

Wearing – a tank top and boxer shorts because why not?

Loving – the look of OPPO’s F3 Red Edition Selfie Expert! I must have that!

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Wanting – to go on a quick vacation somewhere in the East. Can I go back to Seoul now?

Needing – a facial!!

Feeling – a bit sleepy but I have tons of work to finish so I can’t.

Clicking – several links to amuse me. J

How’s your day so far? Forgive me for talking nonsense. I’ll try to be more interesting next time. Hah!

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