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Deborah Lippmann, Gel Lab Pro

Lately, I’ve been head over heels for nail polish – Deborah Lippmann, to be specific. Although I don’t have my nails painted regularly because I’m afraid they will chip as soon as I run my fingers through my hair, I want to collect as many square bottles as I can. Come on, anyone who’s tried this brand would agree when I say that Deborah Lippmann has the cutest bottles.

Anyway, since the holidays are just around the corner, I’m sharing with you my new Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro* polish shades which you can use to complement your holiday party outfits.

Deborah Lippmann, Out of the Woods, Gel Lab Pro

So far, my favorite shade among these is Out of the Woods, which is part of Deborah Lippmann’s limited edition collection. I like my nail color darker than my soul, you know (kidding!). Aside from its beautiful, dark chocolate crème formula, it actually reminds me of Taylor Swift’s song of the same name.

Miss Independent, Deborah Lippmann, Gel Lab Pro

My second favorite would be Miss Independent (again, a name similar to the hit of Ne-Yo) because its full coverage berry wine crème formula gives off that sexy yet classy vibe. It’s actually the ideal nail color for fancy dinner dates. What do you think?

All Night Long, Deborah Lippmann

All Night Long is something I would wear on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. Its black base with a hint of shimmering bronze is perfect for a classic LBD. I think this shade looks nice enough to be flaunted when you welcome the New Year.

Higher Ground, Deborah Lippmann, Gel Lab Pro

If I feel like being minimal, I would definitely go for Higher Ground. The greyish tone makes it easier to wear with monotone pieces especially at work. Would you give it a try to impress your boss during a meeting?

Wearing long-lasting nail polish doesn’t have to ruin your healthy nails. 🙂

*Gel Lab Pro has 10 active ingredients that help deliver health (biotin, keratin, aucoumea, rice protein, evening primrose, green tea extract), wear (bamboo, nonychosine F), and shine (nylon, carnauba wax)

The photos were captured by OPPO A39. For more information on this sleek smartphone, you can read about a short write-up here. By the way, this is available at OPPO stores for only Php 9,990.

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