New Year, New Outfits – Inspired by OPPO

We’re almost done with the first month of the New Year. While some of us may have New Year’s Resolutions such as eating healthy and being kinder, there are those who wish for an outfit upgrade. Whether you’re working or not, you can always seek inspiration from what’s around you. Take for example your smartphone. If you’re an OPPO user, it would be a piece of cake for you to match your favorite gadget and your attire.

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2017 Christmas Wishlist

We’re 24 days away from Christmas, and I know that most of you have already listed your “Wishlist” items. As for me, I’ve prepared the top three (3) items I would like to receive this holiday season (family and friends, listen up!).

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Christmas Presents: 3 Ideas to Gift Your Loved Ones

Christmas Gift Ideas

Have you thought of what to give your loved ones this Christmas? While there’s a plethora of options to choose from, I’ve scoured the Web (and around) for the most wonderful gift ideas so you won’t have to look no further.

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Rebel in Red: Things I Must Have Right Now

Red is not my favorite color, but I’m a fan of its boldness that comes with class. There’s a reason why the carpets during events are red. Or why Taylor Swift’s album is called Red. Maybe there’s a reason why Louboutins have red soles. What could be the reason behind OPPO’s F3 Red Edition Selfie Expert? There’s a reason for everything so let’s just leave it at that.

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Yuchengco Museum Debuts ‘Wynn Wynn Ong: Redefining Boundaries’ Exhibit

Wynn Wynn Ong: Redefining Boundaries

Can you keep a little secret? I’m interested in art museums and/or exhibits. It all started when I visited National Museum of Korea, War Memorial of Korea, National Palace Museum of Korea, and National Hangeul Museum last July (has it been that long since #Seoulscapade?).

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