#SicaInHK: My #HelloHongKong Travel Diary

Hong Kong, Hong Kong Disneyland, Mong Kok, The Peak

Although 2016 was a not-so-good year for some, it was my breakthrough year for I have explored so many places including my first solo trip (EVER) in South Korea. I thought it would end there, but lo and behold, I was able to secure a plane ticket to Hong Kong where I finally got to visit the “happiest place on earth” that is Disneyland.

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#SicaInSeoul: My Seoulscapade Travel Diary

Seoulscapade, Seoul Travel Diary

Dreams do really come true, and I’m lucky blessed to have ticked off my top travel destination – Seoul, South Korea. Although my #Seoulscapade happened five months ago, I couldn’t miss sharing the experience with those who are dying to come and see the Land of the Morning Calm.

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#SicaInSeoul: Korean Visa Application

Korean Visa Application

Annyeong haseyo, friends! It’s been, what, four months since I last updated QueenSica.com, and now I can finally say that I am back. How have you been? How was your summer? I’m a bit sad that my family and I never got the chance to go on a trip because we were busy dealing with stuff (aww, pero keri lang!). Fortunately, one of my biggest wishes this year was granted (Lee Min Ho, here I come!) and I can’t wait to share how I got that much-coveted Korean Tourist Visa.

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Sica visits Galilee Mansion and Garden Resort

Galilee Mansion and Garden Resort

Even before summer was officially announced, I already began wearing my bathing suit. Aside from the sandy beaches, the Philippines is also home to countless resorts that are mostly crowded during summer. Last March, I was invited to join the neighborhood to visit Galilee Mansion and Garden Resort in Bustos, Bulacan.

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Sica hits Puerto Galera

Happy June 1st! Summer is officially over here in my country and I was able to make habol before it ended. My Pioneer friends invited me to join them in Puerto Galera. I didn’t have to think about it so I said “yes!” We left on a Friday afternoon and got there at around six-thirty in the evening. The long boat ride was tiring but fun at the same time. Come on, we were in the middle of the ocean and stuff like sharks came into my mind. Anyways, here are some of the 200+ photos I shot in the super fun three-day-two-night trip to the so-called Heart of Asia.

This “No Smoking” sign was taken at Batangas Port. I just like the fact that they’re implementing such rule there. Not that I hate smokers (I used to smoke!!), but Mother Earth needs a break from pollution.
Ta-da! I was very thankful that it didn’t rain on our way to Puerto Galera.
This brought us to our destination. Even though the waves almost made me throw up, it was such a fun ride. The air blew to my hair and I got to reflect about my life. And you don’t want to hear about it. Haha!
It was dinner time when we arrived at White Beach, Puerto Galera so we decided to eat first. Sorry, I forgot  the name of the place where we ate.
I filled my hungry tummy with my favorite pork sisig! There was an unlimited rice promo and guess what? I didn’t avail it. Congratulations to me!!
It was a little foggy because of the smoke from the fire dancers. Here is one of the restobars that you will find in White Beach.
This is the place for lovers who want to walk by the beach with music playing in the background. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a loved one to hold hands with so…
Drinking was the most exciting part of that night. The mix Miss P made was absolutely yummy and a must-try! We actually played this game where someone will give a general topic like COLORS (not the primary and secondary ones) and each one should be able to come up with an answer such as MAGENTA, INDIGO, and FUCHSIA. Fun, isn’t it? Also, we did charades. Ha! Our team lost.
Gaaah! I miss drinking. Just to share with you dearies, my go-to drinks are Vodka Ice, Red Horse, and Tequila. Who wants to drink?
The next day, we went to Tamaraw Falls, which was a 45-hour drive from White Beach. We rented an FX to see the majestic falls.
We’re getting there!!
Here it is!! Wow. Beautiful. Wonderful. Can there be more adjectives to describe how perfect Tamaraw Falls is? Yes, of course!!
That actually doesn’t end there.
Come, take a close look at the Tamaraw Falls.
Welcome to Tamaraw Falls! This actually reminded me of Baguio City.
This part of the falls is where we swam. The water’s so cold, but refreshing.
Adventurers would jump off this bridge, but we were told that the authorities don’t allow it. Boo! They’re just keeping the visitors safe. 🙂
Remember the first photo of the falls? We climbed on the rocks just to get there! It was instant spa. I loved it!
Can you spot me?
Boodle fight for lunch!! We had grilled bangus and galunggong (GG), plus tortang talong. Yuuuuum!!
Lovers of rice, behold! If I can remember it right, I had two chunks of rice because we didn’t have breakfast at all. See?? It was actually brunch, my dearies.
Green relaxes tired eyes. Feel free to stare at this for as long as you can.
Next stop: Virgin Island. Nope, it’s not the British Virgin Islands or the US Virgin Islands. We’re still in the Philippines. The weather was perfect!
“‘Cause there’s a blue sky waiting tomorrow. Waiting tomorrow…” The scene is just so beautiful that I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It felt like I was in paradise, without my loved one.
Small rocks, anyone?
I was just amazed at this rock. Intricate design.
Jump shot numbah one.
Jump shot numbah two.
Jump shot numbah three.
Caption this photo. Game!
I almost reached for the clouds!
The sunset. Bow.
Our last day in White Beach, Puerto Galera.
Paradise! Sica was here.
Nooooo! I don’t want to go home yet!
Okay, we’re here. We waited for the boat to arrive. Look how hot the weather was!
Annyeong, good bye, adios. I promised myself that I shall return to Puerto Galera with my loved one.
Our Puerto Galera trip made me realize that I was indeed a blessed girl. What can you say about this beautiful island?
with hugs,
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