Sica hits the beach

Belated happy birthday to me! Despite the problems I’m going through right now, I still have the strength to share this special post. Warning: 20+ photos inside.

Our dearest neighbors and some family friends came up with an idea of going to the beach. Luckily, we (mum, bro, sis, and I) were able to go with them because daddy’s schedule of arrival has been moved. On February 24 (Sunday), at around two in the morning, my much deserved vacation has finally happened.
You wouldn’t want to know what I did during the four-hour trip because… I slept. That’s how boring I am when it comes to traveling. Come on, who doesn’t love sleeping? Besides, Iba, Zambales is just so far from Bulacan!
Anyway, we arrived at the Molino Beach Resort after the sun was up.
A blurry image of the aisle going to the beach. OMG I can hear the waves!
Mum decided to just take a room with no AC. Hey, the weather’s not that hot anyway.
Just a shell I found near the seashore.
Thank God Mr. Sunshine wasn’t around.
I had to photograph this building because it looks like a haunted building or something. Isn’t it the perfect setting for paranormal specialists?
Aahh. This was what I needed.
Tee hee!
Shining Sica.
Clarity. Peace. Serenity.
Running water.
Sica was thinking about…a lot of things.
Oh noes! My legs look shorter in this photo. Hahaha!
Thanks to my brother for taking all these fantastic pictures!
Sorry, but I didn’t look my best at that time.
Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds came into my mind while writing these words.
Finally! Me and my slender sister. Wish I have her long legs though.
So it was three in the afternoon when I woke up from my sleep (again!). I was invited for a boat ride so I didn’t miss a chance and grabbed my camera along my safety jacket.
Nauseating is how I would describe the feeling because there were big waves coming at us.
However, I managed to keep calm and set aside my stomach’s reaction to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The beach is the perfect go-to location for super stressed people.
Getting off the boat. By the way, would you believe that we’re around 20 on the boat? Yeah, that’s how fun it was!
Of course, I would never miss the sunset.
Day two. Good morning dearests! Woke up at around six-thirty so I had time to walk on the beach before Mr. Sunshine took over.
Yay! I tried this beach bike and it’s so cool!
Look how the shells ended up on this side of the shore overnight.
I hope the bottle didn’t break into pieces.
My pretty sister! Ladies and gentlemen, she’s just ten but look how slender her legs are!
“She sells seashells by the seashore…”
La Diva doing the jump shot.
Just me before dipping my feet on the cold water.
I got to drink taho! The best breakfast drink next to coffee.
Two things I bought for remembrance. A bracelet made of real shells and a boat keychain to remind me of the crazy but exciting boat ride.
I didn’t take off my dad’s watch since I thought it was water-resistant, but look! It just stopped working. L I guess I need to be very careful next time.
The two-day trip in Zambales was truly a memorable experience because I was able to reflect on the recent happenings in my life and had a great time chatting with our neighbors and friends. I’m looking forward to our next escapade together!
with hugs,
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