2017 Christmas Wishlist

We’re 24 days away from Christmas, and I know that most of you have already listed your “Wishlist” items. As for me, I’ve prepared the top three (3) items I would like to receive this holiday season (family and friends, listen up!).

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Definitely, Deborah

Deborah Lippmann, Gel Lab Pro

Lately, I’ve been head over heels for nail polish – Deborah Lippmann, to be specific. Although I don’t have my nails painted regularly because I’m afraid they will chip as soon as I run my fingers through my hair, I want to collect as many square bottles as I can. Come on, anyone who’s tried this brand would agree when I say that Deborah Lippmann has the cutest bottles.

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Christmas Presents: 3 Ideas to Gift Your Loved Ones

Christmas Gift Ideas

Have you thought of what to give your loved ones this Christmas? While there’s a plethora of options to choose from, I’ve scoured the Web (and around) for the most wonderful gift ideas so you won’t have to look no further.

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The Sunday Currently 12


I miss writing – short stories, poems, etc. I wish I could just take a week off to finish my story so I can share it with you. This made me wonder, if you could buy extra time, would you? Not that I’m being sentimental, but I really would love to have extra five hours every day to accomplish everything that I have to.

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