Angela & Roi F/W Bags

Wow! I can’t believe it’s more than a year since I met the wonderful team of Angela & Roi. For those of you who have no idea who and what A&R is, let me give you a quick run-through of its story.

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The Ribbon Project

Angela&Roi, The Ribbon Project

Hello, dearies! I hope you’re all having a fantastic Sunday with your family. I was doing my weekly routine of scanning the Web for some inspirational stories when I stumbled upon The Ribbon Project.

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Colors with Causes

Do you remember the last time you purchased a handbag that caught your attention? While I believe that most of you have a couple of handbags inside your closet – or whatever you may call it – I still want to present these sophisticated bags I saw from Angela & Roi. Does the name ring a bell? Yes? Great! No? Well, Angela & Roi is an online brand that offers a wide range of classy bags to suit your personal style and – wait for it – help different non-profit organizations through their colorful bags. Go on, see what I’m talking about.

Angela & Roi was founded by two Koreans namely: Angela Lee and Roi Lee, who share the same passion for fashion and helping others. While other bag mavens focus on producing runway-worthy bags, Angela & Roi concentrates in bringing consumerism and charity together through their bag collections.

Instead of the usual animal leather, Angela & Roi uses high quality vegan leather for their handbags. Wonderful, isn’t it? The only thing that came into my mind upon learning this was, “So there’s a brand that actually values the existence of the animals in this world.” Once an animal lover, always an animal lover.

These fantabulous bags are designed and made in the beautiful country of South Korea. Now Angela & Roi is another reason why I should push through my trip to SK very soon.

So what if they’re making stylish bags? Okay, Angela & Roi isn’t the type of brand that will shove their products in your face. In fact, they help you give back to a select non-profit organization without literally asking you to do so. How?

When a customer buys a handbag, five dollars will automatically be donated to a particular health organization, depending on the color of the ribbon that comes with the bag. I should personally thank Angela and Roi for this brilliant idea.


Here are the ribbon colors and their corresponding non-profit organizations:
Black Ribbon – Melanoma Awareness
Blue Ribbon – Colon Cancer Awareness
Pink Ribbon – Breast Cancer Awareness
Purple Ribbon – Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness
Brown Ribbon – Cancer Awareness
Yellow Ribbon – Childhood Cancer Awareness
Orange Ribbon – Kidney Disease Awareness
Red Ribbon – AIDS Awareness
Gray Ribbon – Diabetes Awareness
White Ribbon – Lung Cancer Awareness
Green Ribbon – Depression Awareness


I know that you’d agree with me when I say that Angela & Roi’s bags are must-haves for every girl who wants to make a difference. Hey, looking fashionable while lending a hand to those in need are definitely two easy-peasy ways to stay beautiful in and out.

Got any questions? Feel free to write in the comment box below and I’ll get back as soon as I can. 🙂

Oh, don’t forget to check out Angela & Roi’s website, Facebook page, Pinterest board, Instagram account, and Twitter account. Trust me, the founders are very accommodating that you’ll want to work with them in the future.

If you’ve some time, you can share this post so others can see why Angela & Roi is the next big thing in the bag industry. Have a fantabulous day, dearies!

Photos from Angela & Roi

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