Top 5 Style Quotes I Live By

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From being an art to being eternal, style has always been an interesting topic that many people – especially fashionistas – love to talk about. Whenever I get the feeling of boredom, I usually log in to my Tumblr and scan for “quotes about style.” Out of the many passages I found, here are five of the most meaningful ones I live by – or at least try to instill in everyday life:

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My Favorite Songs from ‘1989’

Taylor Swift 1989 album

When I first heard about Taylor Swift’s 1989 album, I thought, “I bet the songs will be about breakups and boys she dated before.” Apparently, I was wrong. I overlooked the fact that Taylor had plans of venturing into the world of pop music, which isn’t really her genre. Come on, everybody knows how she started as a country singer.

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5 Fashion Books To Read

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Back in college, I’d visit the library for books that talk about fashion. I’m guilty of passing through the aisles of academic books without even looking at them because I’m in need of some serious style information. My hunger for knowledge about the glitz and glamour of the industry made me a “fashion student wannabe” even if I was taking up Journalism. I won’t deny the fact that there were times when I wanted to quit university and pursue a career in fashion, but then the big question kept popping in my head. What will happen to you after attending fashion school?

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Fresh and Fab: CHIC-Finder


Do you always have a hard time looking for that dress you just saw on Victoria Beckham or those pair of drool-worthy heels Blake Lively wore at a movie premiere? Well, you don’t have to stress yourself out on that anymore! Thank God for CHIC-Finder, the fantabulous iPhone app that allows you search for a particular fashion item with just a snap. Pretty easy and exciting, isn’t it?


So how does CHIC-Finder work? All you have to do is snap the clothing/bag/shoes that you want and upload it. The app will automatically get the similar alternative for it. Not only that, for CHIC-Finder lets you discover and buy a fashion item that is more suited for your financial means. Now, you don’t have to worry about lashing out money on that pretty pants you saw on a magazine because CHIC-Finder is here to your virtual fashion guide. 🙂

CHIC-Finder application

What are you waiting for, dearies? Get on your iPhones and scan the QR Code below to start searching for that much-coveted It bag this season! Did I mention that you will get a $500 Amazon voucher when you download the app? Good luck and happy shopping!

Chic-Finder QR Code

Yeah, if you have questions, feel free to leave the CHIC-Finder team a message/comment on their Facebook page. Have a fantabulous day! 🙂

Photos/Videos from: CHIC-Finder


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