The Sunday Currently 12


I miss writing – short stories, poems, etc. I wish I could just take a week off to finish my story so I can share it with you. This made me wonder, if you could buy extra time, would you? Not that I’m being sentimental, but I really would love to have extra five hours every day to accomplish everything that I have to.

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The Sunday Currently 11


There’s so much to do, but here I am, trying to de-stress with a blog post. I haven’t been into anything lately, but yeah, I think I could still survive the upcoming week. If you’re up for some nonsense of my current whatnots, then go ahead and scroll down.

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Rebel in Red: Things I Must Have Right Now

Red is not my favorite color, but I’m a fan of its boldness that comes with class. There’s a reason why the carpets during events are red. Or why Taylor Swift’s album is called Red. Maybe there’s a reason why Louboutins have red soles. What could be the reason behind OPPO’s F3 Red Edition Selfie Expert? There’s a reason for everything so let’s just leave it at that.

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Review: Etude House’s Color My Brows in Natural Brown

Etude House, Color My Brows

I can’t even remember the last time I went out without actually putting eyebrow mascara on. #KilayIsLife and it will always be necessary for me to “draw the line” if you know what I mean (hehe).

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