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Fitness cereals

Aloha, dear friends! I’m back from a short hiatus, and this time, I’ll update Queen Sica more often than I did last year. 🙂 It’s just that I needed some time to think about my goals, plans, and dreams that I wasn’t able to focus on this tiny web space. Anyhow, I’m excited to tell you about the life-changing decision I made which perfectly sums up my new, healthy lifestyle. Ahem!

So ito na nga, we have this pakulo sa office that is similar to the popular weight-loss TV program called The Biggest Loser. Since I need a major makeover when it comes to my eating habits, I went for it. “This is gonna be hard,” I thought to myself, but I was in dire need of motivation so I grabbed the chance of winning the contest and losing excess weight at the same time.

Pero paano ko sinimulan ‘yung Road to Fitness project?

brown rice

Despite being a heavy rice eater, I had to ditch it and go for a healthier substitute which is brown rice. Hindi naman ako nagsisi kasi it’s yummy too! I can’t live without rice especially during breakfast so I’m happy that I can still munch on my daily morning staple without worrying about calories. 🙂

Fitness cereals

While I’m not a fan of oats because they make me sick (eew!), I stick to getting my dose of fiber with Fitness cereals. Sometimes, I mix it with milk, but there are times when I would eat them with yogurt. Trust me, my lunch has never been better!

Cowhead Slim Pure Milk

Speaking of milk – I know I already mentioned it before that I’m lactose intolerant but who cares? – I found this at the supermarket and boy it served me right! A half cup of this milk before I go to sleep is the only thing I need for a good run the next day. I’m guilty of skipping dinner so…this is good enough for me. 🙂

Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt

I keep on reading about yogurt being a good source of protein and calcium. Usually, I get the strawberry flavored yogurt because strawberry but the mango flavored yogurt is also tasty. I always (ayan, may emphasis!) make sure to get the 0% fat one, though.

CBTL Earl Grey

A week at work is never (like ever!) complete without a cup of tea. I dig Twinings’ Lemon and Ginger Tea but I’m also in love with The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Earl Grey Tea. Saraaaaaap! It helps me focus while keeping my tummy in a good mood after a heavy meal. Try nyo!

Syempre, it’s not just about eating healthy. There’s a more important thing that I’m currently head over heels with in order to stay fit and that is: working out. I’ll do a separate post on this one kasi I want to share with you guys how it helps me battle against stress and weight gain. 🙂

Kayo, how do you keep your body in good shape?

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