Shopping at SASA and Colourmix in Macau

SASA, Colourmix, Beauty, Macau

An out-of-the-country trip is never complete without a little shopping. I’m not keen on buying clothes and shoes abroad, but most of you would know that I have this thing for skincare products. I always look for beauty boutiques whenever I visit another country. I bet you can imagine my excitement upon seeing (finally!) SASA and Colourmix stores during my two-day tour in Macau.

SASA, Colourmix, Beauty, Macau

Here’s the reason why I had to forego Hong Kong’s SASA boutiques: the products are quite pricey! When I saw Colourmix in Macau, the one near Senado Square, I knew it was paradise. A few moments later, I found myself scouring the discounted products at SASA at The Venetian Macau. I didn’t mind my sore feet – AT ALL. How can you pass the opportunity when you’re surrounded by cosmetics and skincare items alongside beauty junkies hungry for makeup, face masks, and etc.?

If you’re wondering what I got, feel free to scroll down.

TheFaceShop First Milk Character Mask, Colourmix, Macau
70 HKD (Php450)

I would’ve skipped this one if it weren’t for my love for face mask sheets. I’m not sure if it’s the brand, but the face mask sheets they sell in Hong Kong and Macau are overpriced! Plus, there are no freebies when you enter their stores. 🙁

TheFaceShop Apple Character Mask, Colourmix, Macau
70 HKD (Php450)

I haven’t tried these Character Mask Sheets from The Face Shop that’s why I bought them.

Sasatinnie Mulberry Antioxidant Mask, SASA, The Venetian Macau
From 99 HKD to 79 HKD (Php507)

My face mask sheet collection continues to grow!

Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack, SASA, The Venetian Macau
69 HKD (Php443)

How adorable is the packaging?

Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack, SASA, The Venetian Macau

Shiseido Perfect Whip, Colourmix, Macau
29 HKD (Php186)

Mawala na ang lahat ‘wag lang ito! Kidding aside, I’m faithful to Shiseido Senka’s Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam.

Frais Monde Acqua di Repole, Colourmix, Macau
60 HKD (Php385)

It’s my first time to try a French beauty brand.

Evian Facial Spray, Colourmix, Macau
27 HKD (Php173)


TheFaceShop Aloe Fresh Soothing Mist, SASA, The Venetian Macau
50 HKD (Php321)

Is my obsession for face mist(s) evident enough? My current count: ten, but I only use two or three. Para matipid!

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel, SASA, The Venetian Macau
17 HKD (Php109)

I swear by this particular beauty find. Since my brother *eye roll* is also an avid fan of soothing gel(s), I decided to get this. Siya lang nakakaubos ng isang tub!

Biore Pore Pack, SASA, The Venetian Macau
From 22.9 HKD to 21.9 HKD (Php140)

Why is it so hard to remove nose blackheads? I hate them and I don’t like them. 🙁 I’ll update you once I give this one a try.

3D Beauty Blending Sponge, SASA, The Venetian Macau
45 HKD (Php289)

Finally…my own blending sponge!

SANA Power Style Eyelash Curler, SASA, The Venetian Macau
69 HKD (Php443)

I’ve been using the same eyelash curler for five years so it’s about time to buy a new one. 🙂

In conclusion, I spent about 606.9 HKD (Php3901.86) for these ALONE. I also realized that cosmetics and skincare products are much cheaper in Seoul. Besides the wide array of brands, you’ll get more than the stuff you purchased because they’re too nice and they know how to keep their beauty game on top!

Will you shell out a thousand dollars for skincare? I’d like to know your thoughts!

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