Pwede Mag #Dadventures with J&J’s New Lotion

Rough play can be tough to look at especially if you’re a mom. To us, dads, it’s our simple way of bonding with our little kiddos; and a way to toughen them up a bit. In fact, experts even say that playing roughly – in moderation – can indeed be beneficial to kids. I sometimes play roughly with my 2 boys, Piero and Matteo. We tumble and wrestle; and getting lightly scarred and scratched sometimes happen.

That’s me and my eldest, Piero!
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Hot Spot: Valkyrie at The Palace

My inner party animal came to life last Friday the 13th when my work friends and I decided to hit a hip, hot spot in Bonifacio Global City. Valkyrie at The Palace, as what it’s called, is probably the go-to club of millennials like me. (Oo no, I still belong to the group!) Anyhow, we left the office at around 6:30 and hopped in a cab that drove us to Kriselda’s pad for some nice dinner. It was like a sleepover of high school girls that I truly miss. 🙁

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2015 Christmas Wishlist

Credits to owner
Credits to owner

We’re a few weeks away from my favorite time of the year – except for my birthday – which is Christmas. Woopee! I wish I were still a kid who believed in Santa Claus. My childhood was ruined when I saw Santa’s supposed-to-be gifts to me under my parents’ bed. How heartbreaking is that for a child? It was like my dreams were shattered with just one snap. Can you imagine my disappointment upon learning about the truth? Pinaasa nila ako! Ang sakit! Haha!

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Cinema Jam 2013: The Happenings

I was supposed to post this last Monday, but because of my flu, I chose sleeping over blogging. Suffering from flu is the worst, not to mention, the monthly pain women experience. There are so many things I couldn’t do such as singing, dancing (muscle aches), and concentrating. Having a clogged nose is the last thing I wish for right now and my OJ and spicy ramen aren’t helping. 🙁


Let’s get to the main topic: Cinema Jam 2013 last November 30. It was the first event that catered outdoor movies with a slew of performances from different bands. I was lucky enough to get two (2) free premium tickets, thanks to Azrael of Azrael’s Merryland!


While waiting for the gates to open, I saw this wall with Cinema Jam, Crizal Transitions, and Essilor’s logo’s on.


Finally, when the gates opened at around 3 in the afternoon, I had the chance to take a shot of the event’s setup. Can you see how dark the clouds were? Believe it or not, it didn’t rain that hard. Although there were a few drizzles that made my heart pound because I didn’t bring my umbrella. Now, that’s a lesson learned!


Loot bags filled with freebies from Crizal Transitions were being given away in this corner. I apologize for not taking a photo of what I received that day. I guess I got too overwhelmed by the number of activities and booths around.


Before taking a seat, I had the opportunity to look around. Like what I mentioned above, the event was surrounded with fun and exciting activities plus a number of booths organized by the sponsors.


This particular booth by Ideal Vision handed guests a P100 gift certificate with a VIP card that can be used in any IV branch. How awesome is that? They also gave free popcorns to those who liked their page on Facebook.


There was even a climbing wall for adventurous people!


Kites were flown under the gloomy sky. I’ll try to fly mine next time. 🙂


On the other side was a “Fly in the Sky” kind of activity. Bungee trampolines aren’t for the faint-hearted, you know.


Air Asia was also there!


What’s the most interesting part of the event? FOOD! Trust me, there were many food-on-the-go trucks that offered a wide variety of food. Since I am a fan of sisig, I went for Kuyang and ordered one.


Ta-da! Here’s my pork sisig with egg on it. I loved it! It was so crunchy that I wanted to get one more. Why do I feel like having sisig RIGHT NOW? Oh my gosh!


Here in my country, street food has been a part of the Filipino culture since I can remember. I was so happy there was such booth in the fair. Actually, I had crab claw and chicken ball, which is my favorite street food in the whole wide world. There’s no doubt about my tummy’s satisfaction.


The Morning Rush’s Chico, Delamar, and Gino hosted the event.


Before the first band played their set, actress Bela Padilla performed Selena Gomez’s Love You Like A Love Song. I wish she sang it without the main vocals though.


I wasn’t familiar with Gracenote until that afternoon when they sang a number of their wonderfully-made songs. Yes, even if I didn’t know the lyrics, I found myself falling for their music. The vocalist, Eunice, is one talented singer! She can play the keyboards, violin and guitar, plus she can sing it like Hayley Williams of Paramore.


Moonstar88 was the second band to stand before us. I must say that they are one of the best bands in the Philippines. And yeah, they performed Torete.


I was so excited to see and hear them for the first time so when the guys of Itchyworms stepped on stage, I screamed my heart out. They sang their hits such as Beer, Loveteam, and their newest single Ayokng Tumanda. And oh, their jokes are the best!


Unfortunately, I had to go home before seven in the evening. Oh well, besides the fact that I enjoyed it, I promised myself I will go to next year’s Cinema Jam. I’m going to wait for it! 🙂


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